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What Can We Repair?
Have you dropped you cell phone in water or the screen cracked? Do you have charging port problems, speaker problems? WE CAN FIX IT!!!

Team Tech can fix almost any problem that you have with your electronic device and in most cases, retrieve your contacts, pictures and other important information. Our team of highly trained technicians have been certified as level 3 technicians and have extensive experience in repairing electronic devices.

Our techs are onsite every day and can fix most items within a couple of hours. Why pay outrageous prices for brand new equipment or send it away for weeks at a time! Let us fix your electronics AND save you money. All of our repairs are under our warrantee and go through at least two different quality assurance checks before being returned to you.
In addition to our cellular repair services, we can fix your cracked screen on your ipod, ipad or mp3 We can repair water damage as well as charging ports and speakers. Our staff is trained and certified as level 3 techs and are ready to save you money and bring your device back to working order with all of your information intact!! Our techs are on site every day and can usually have your device back in your hands in a couple hours or the same day. Don't throw away your hard earned money on constantly buying brand new electronics...WE CAN FIX IT!!!
Does your computer/game system have a virus; does it have physical damaged; are some of your ports not working? WE CAN FIX IT!!! Stop paying for unnecessary new electronics. Our team of trained and certified level 3 techs are ready to save you money and get your device back with all of your information still on it. Our techs are on site all day and can have your device back to you in a couple hours. Why keep wasting your money on constantly buying brand new electronics? Let us repair your broken device and make it like new again for far less time and money. All of our repairs are under warrantee and are quality checked by two different techs before you get them back to ensure it is back to prime working condition!
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